Not sure if you want a log home or a timber frame? Want to be creative with interior finishes? Trying to incorporate irregular shapes into your home design? Perhaps a hybrid home is the solution to your building dreams. Hybrid homes are often constructed utilizing traditional framing techniques or more modern building practices, such as Insulated Concrete Forms or Structurally Insulated Panels. Often times hybrid home owners want a home that incorporates several different building styles. Perhaps a mixture of predominately stone with some sheet rock and logs is desired. Or perhaps some round or multi-angle rooms are a key part of the design. In any of these scenarios a hybrid home is a reasonable solution. The homes offer great design freedom.

Hybrid Homes

Logs in a Hybrid Home

Whether you want a structural log roof system or just a few accent logs, Voyageur Log Homes, and itsÍ› in house design team, is happy to help you develop the best solution for your project. Often times we utilize a mixture of our half log in conjunction with both structural and non-structural posts, beams, and logs to create a one of a kind masterpiece. Our Half Log can also be used both inside and out of the house to create that full log aesthetic, while utilizing alternative building techniques, or floor plans that are not cost effective for full log construction.