Naturally Beautiful, Naturally Green, Naturally Efficient

Green Building is one of the latest trends in the building industry, and for good reason! Building a more energy efficient home, with healthier building products, not only makes sense for the building occupants, but also for long term living expenses. There are several myths about the efficiency of log homes and their performance. Our modern manufacturing technique and patented double tongue and groove profile create the tightest log home possible. The use of a butyl tape, in conjunction with extremely tight milling tolerances, creates a home free of air infiltration.

Energy Efficient

There are several advantages of building a log home over traditional building techniques. Because the logs are solid, you have walls which are impenetrable by weather. Unlike typical framed construction where proper installation of a vapor barrier is crucial the solid logs integrate all the wall components; cladding, vapor barrier, insulation, and interior finish, into one inseparable package. Another key concept that log homes benefit from is thermal mass. The solid logs soak up heat in cold months and cold in the hot months to help create a much more temperature stable living environment. This is a huge advantage in extreme climates. The stored energy helps even out the loads on the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment. In the event of a power loss, the building will maintain temperatures considerably longer because the log walls will have that stored energy to slowly release.


Our high quality logs are made of 100% pure wood. Plain and simple this is one of the healthiest building materials to use, hands down! There are no chemicals, no harsh manufacturing process, and no harmful off gassing. Our logs are delivered chemical free. Although the logs do require an exterior stain to resist rot, there are several environmentally friendly, low VOC stain products on the market today.

Embodied Energy

Embodied energy is the amount of energy that is “built” into a product from pre-production through final installation. Every product has embodied energy. To keep our embodied energy as low as possible, we strive to use locally sourced logs. This reduces the amount of fuel required to ship the products. Our energy efficient milling facility also aids in minimizing the amount of fossil fuels burned. Our onsite generators run on alternative fuels and eliminate energy transmission losses. The high carbon content of the red and white pines, combined with our very refined production process, make it possible for us to create a home that is actually net negative from a carbon footprint perspective. This means that you can help reduce the CO2 in the world by integrating carbon capture technology, via our logs, into your very home.

Creative Solutions

Our experienced design staff is well versed in the latest energy saving techniques. We pride ourselves on incorporating energy efficient solutions to your individual project. From high tech homes with water saving fixtures and energy star appliances to off grid cabins with solar arrays and composting toilets, Voyageur Log Homes strives to build the healthiest possible buildings for the occupants as well as the planet.